1st Become Your Own Lover

I remember when I was looking for love and wondered what I was missing when trying to comprehend dating and love. I finally decided to love myself just the way I wanted someone else to love me. It had to be genuine. I had to stimulate my own mind, tell myself how beautiful I look on any given day, feed my spirit stimulating information to feel full, and please my body sexual like I had never done before. It was no longer about whether someone else could do it or where my soulmate resided and in what city. It was about me getting to see how much work it took to maintain all of my parts. 
How could I require someone else to maintain their own SELF and be a compliment to what already existed (maintaining me)? What would I change about myself before they entered my life and shared my delicate space? Who was worthy of this? How did they behave on social media? What did they talk about, what were they posting? I hate when I go to a guys page and I see the meme, “Who wants to do this with me?” And it’s a picture of a guy grabbing an unknown girl’s apple bottom with pizza and a Netflix logo. And I’m not judging, but, I am observing how my future partner behaves right now. 
Sometimes lovers are lovers, friends are friends, partners are partners until we desire more, hunger for more, and need more. I’ve had lovers, boyfriends, and a husband. I’ve tried every avenue, until I decided to try ME. 
I wanted to become my own lover. I wanted to stimulate all of me, and I built up a self-love that was effortlessly and consciously SOUL-FULL. Removing road blocks and subconscious truths that no longer served me was the hard part. The truth is, it takes someone outside of us to show a reflection of the very lover and partner we want to be and want to have. 

If you are looking for your soulmate follow these steps: 

1. Stop searching. 
2. Become your own lover.
3. Work with a love coach to remove roadblocks.
4. Heal, release and prepare.
5. Send out high vibrations for high vibe peeps.
6. Open your energy for love.
Please note: Once you open your energy to the universe to attract love, a few stragglers will also come with it. So be mindful who enters your space. Allow opportunity to get to know them before allowing your heart, mind, body, soul to get excited. Don’t fall in love. Pace yourself. 
Stay positive and keep certain people out of your business. Actually, keep a lot of people out of your business. Even social media and your post allow people the opportunity to get into your business. Dive into your story and fall in love with not only the big picture, but the little steps along the way. Each step is leading you to your soulmate.
Your Life + Love Coach,
Elsie B.