6 Things That Will Help You Say ‘BYE!' To Anxiety

1. Bring the light in! Open up your home. Remove or replace furniture. Removing excess furniture from the home declutters your environment and makes it more welcoming for your soul’s journey. I know you may get sentimental with your belongings, but here’s the thing, a clutter free home will serve you for your highest good. Don’t you want to feel good in your sacred space? Your home needs to be purged. Liven up the place! Place lighter and more airy furniture in your home. Open and or change the curtain color, style, pattern and replace it with colors, patterns and styles that make you feel free, light, grounded, whole and happy. You may also want to change your furniture color and style to suit who you want to become. 

2. Add some greenery to your home and or office. Having a calm, earthy and tranquil home will give you the peace vibes you’re longing to feel. Real or fake (good quality) plants will be of so much value to you. Place them in just about every room. Adding thing small token of self-love to your life will upgrade your emotions instantly.  

3. Start writing in a notebook or a journal everyday. Write at least 3 pages of WHAT EVER and write it on paper. When you have nothing to say, write just that, “I have nothing to say” over and over again. Something will come. Then begin writing again the important or juicy stuff that flows out again. After you do this exercise for a full 5 days, I want you to contact me and tell me how this exercise was for you. I would love to hear your feedback. This will allowing your mind, heart and soul to cleanse and rid itself of excess garbage we hold onto each day. It will also show you what is going on on the inside. It gives you a closer look of where you are, where you want to be, and even how to get there. Get started today!

4. Hire a Life Coach! Don’t sit and wait or hope someone will save you. Save yourself by taking the first step and reaching out for help. I remember wanting and wishing someone would save me. No one ever did! I had to get up and start helping myself. I needed to love myself just a little bit and ask for some help. You can do it too! You have the little bit, heck you may have a whole lot of love for yourself. That’s even more reason to do research and find the best fit (coach) for you. Not all coaches are made equal. Do a consult call and feel out their vibe and energy. If they’re a good coach, they’ll be feeling out your vibe too to make sure you’re the right fit for them. They want to make sure you’re going to actually do the work, that you’re not going to waste their time. You have to want your FREEDOM and SUCCESS just as bad as they do. 

5. Get out of the house. Go for a walk or jog in a park. Staying locked up in a cubicle or your home is a sure way to get to depression and sink lower into a low vibe attitude. This will attract negative circumstances and more unfortunate events in your life. You’ll really start to hate life! It’s never too late to get out of your own head and out into a nice environment that can add value to your life. I call it Life Enrichment Opportunities. 


  • For a swim.
  • A run or jog in the park.
  • Play with animals or visit the zoo.
  • Paint.
  • Color.
  • Draw.
  • Take pictures of beautiful things, even if all you have is a shitty camera.
  • Do something other than sitting home feeling sorry for yourself. 
  • Watch funny videos on Youtube or watch AFV (America’s Funniest Videos) on Netflix. 

6. If a “New and Improved YOU” is coming, then be sure to know that you will be needing to change some people and places in your life. You may have to even move. Let’s not be that dramatic. Well actually, you may have to move out of the area you’re in. But, perhaps all that is needed is some shifting. You’ll find that your friends no longer serve you. Maybe you’re needing a new group of peeps to be on the level of frequency you’re desiring to be on. If you’re no longer going to be the same, then the people in your life will have to upgrade themselves or God and the universe will send you people to replace them. Sometimes there is a season of feeling alone when you’re on this journey, but it’s a short season! If it’s longer than 8 months then please reach out to me, I would love to add you to a group of CONSCIENCE individuals that are wanting to grow and evolve also. 

Sending you Love + Light!