Are You Called To Be The Impressionist? The Philosopher?

"A Philosopher’s Theory: A Love Coach’s Theory....The impressionist is merely the activist that discreetly impresses upon another’s will with kindness and sincerity. It may be that the impressionist has a message that a person might find useful, or would like to convey a feeling that can encourage movement. In short, we find that the impressionist is a story teller. With pictures and images and words of silk, we find that the impressionist desires to express and impress.” ~ Elsie

I view myself as the impressionist. You may feel the same about yourself. Some of us are called to be impressionist. Called to leave behind a footprint. To have an impression on someone is to leave even a small impact of your awesome SELF with them. 

Leave Your Footprint! Leave it EVERYWHERE!


In self-leadership, I find that even leading myself in the direction of giving and sharing is in fact leaving a footprint of those I’m meant to serve. We should lead our mind and lead our emotions into a safe place. Here we find that we keep control of our mind, will and emotions. This is so truth can abide. Emotions can be so fickle and we can become so weak. In truth I share that the only place for you to dwell when things become more than you can bare, is in self-leadership. In that space you will be set free from your anguish - so that you can continue to serve. 

Your Love Coach,