Confidently Lost

I’m getting ready to totally bust some moves and take everything I currently offer to another level. It seems the Universe has a sense of humor. I have recently been locked out of Snapchat and put a pause to people, places and things. I honor every move I need to make, even if I didn’t choose it. 

Smart Love Moves is not about watching your goal come to pass, it’s about the shit in between that takes you along for a ride and drops you off without notice. I thought to myself, “Okay, I guess that was the last stop. I’d prefer that not be the case, but in any case, I am to honor the moment and not dishonor the moment by wishing and hoping and holding onto what needs to be placed on pause or even discontinued. 

Tomorrow we start recording for Season 1 of Smart Love Moves TV, and how ironic, the show is called, “The Purge” Purging people, places and things. And with that, I sit back as the universe purges people, places, and things out of my life. I literally let go of control.  

Hey, when your purpose calls you, who really is your friend after all? Who is your family, or what is your home or that one particular situation worth to you? Do what needs to be done so you can have what you are meant to have. 

Love and give of yourself so deeply that you miss those who the universe moved away.

Live authentically!

Follow your intuition like never before, and judge not your brother because we should all be observers. Judging no one because we ourselves shouldn’t judge are own behavior. But instead we offer up observation to change and grow and edify those who we are meant to serve. We use observation as motivation, because judging hinders movement. It is not designed to encourage but discourage. 

So in making Smart Love Moves we are to observe. 

I’d also like to share my online weekly meditation class is coming up next week. I will be posting more information on the site. So stay tuned! You may just have clarity on what you may need to purge. It’s Purge Time! 

Disclaimer: Please don’t kill anyone or physically harm another person or yourself. Yes, I needed to write that. 

Music Time ~

I absolutely love this song and I just had to share it with you. It’s my latest anthem.



Be kind to one another, always!