Conscious Art Now Available

I was born in a city that Paula Scher (graphic designer) calls, “The City of Signs.” New York City is known for the saturation of signs and text. Also known as typography, which means text in artistic form. Like a painting. All messages are known to speak to the reader in ways some of us haven’t acknowledged yet. 

I woke up this morning ready to launch my new muse. A collection I randomly titled, ’The Conscious Collection.’ I didn’t plan this launch. When I’m ready to give birth to something that speaks to me - I just do it. I did think about it a lot last week, but it wasn’t time. Last week my photo shoot led me to launch The Fit Owl Studio. This week it’s about The Conscious Collection. However, I will be working on both projects while also writing blogs and newsletters and recording a video for Smart Love Moves.

Do I seem busy? Ha! Well, I can’t deny that I am diving into my work so much this week. My brand is taking off and coming together all at the same time. I finally feel like I am able to do everything I’ve desired. 

I haven’t spent time with friends or family. Although they’ve reached out and had awesome ideas for quality time. I’ve had to say no numerous times. It has been a little disappointing and sad, but I am so committed to my work right now. This season is about my brand and my tribe. I have a burning desire to teach and share my art with the world. 

My art is not just about my latest collection. It is about the coaching services that I provide. I have to create and help others. It’s my artistic right and duty to give my art to those that can feel supported by its abstract motion. 

There was a time when I would try this and try that, and then I would stop doing it all together or take large breaks. The trying this and trying that was awesome. I was able to see what I liked and what I didn’t want as a part of my brand. I also gave myself the opportunity to forgive myself for stopping. 

Like Elizabeth Gilbert said in Big Magic, “Creativity promises you nothing. It asks you if you’d like to take a ride, and at any moment, creativity will drop you off in an unknown place.” You sit there in that place and think, ‘Did we just break up or something?’ One minute creativity and I are intimate pals and the next thing I know, it left me with no trace of its fragrance. So, starting and stoping has been interesting. 

I created the artwork this morning, and I feel so grateful to have these items available for you. I know they will be a blessing to you and those you know. My collection is about simplicity. I love making clean and simple products and services that compliment the life you desire to live. Thank you for allowing my forms of art and expression to support your journey in a powerful way.

There are more products scheduled to be released this week. Check back! 

Your Love Coach,