Dear Love...

I sat in my living room and thought about my personal experiences, the experiences of my clients, and the experiences that have passed my ears from those that have entered my journey and have left to go explore. I then chose to collaborate our experiences and write a love letter to Love.

Here goes......

Dear Love,

You’ve been able to do things I never knew existed. You’ve managed to take my breath away, give me air and life when I lost all hope. Love, we've experienced loss, pain and sorrow. You left me alone until you returned again in a different form and through different eyes. Where do you go when you leave me? When we’re apart, I feel lonely. I feel sad. I feel confused. I feel scared. I worry. I wonder if you’ll return - even through different eyes. When you leave, who finds you? Who longs for you?

Love, I love you. You feel good to me. You make me smile. You make me feel brand new. You make me feel young again. I now think of you when I think of mySELF. Experiencing you with mySELF has been delightful. I long for more days alone with you.

I’ve become outspoken when it comes to you. I just say what I think. I say what I feel. I make decisions that keep us close. The choices that keep us connected and not divided - those are the one’s that keep our intimacy intact and secure. My self-esteem depends on it.

Whenever I begin to feel alone, I’ll know you’re there tugging at me to connect with mySELF and my source - the all knowing. In this space I will manifest change. Through my desire and willingness to accept my truth - I will sacredly love you, until my last breath. 

With Love + Gratitude,

(From Us All)

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