Do You Have A Little Crush?

Having a crush is unspeakably fun and can be erotically enticing. “I feel a little rush...I think I have a crush...” Sometimes the crush is really an opportunity to explore what you admire and desire. Allow your crushing to speak to you. Allow it to tell you a story. The story of what you’re looking for or what you want in your current relationship. 

Crush and crush wisely. Think and think wisely. Speak and speak wisely. Seek out and seek out wisely. Make Smart Love Moves.

Self-management is about clarity. Manage your crushing. Manage how you move and who you desire. Social media plays a role in the crushing process. It’s not only about looking at pictures and reading their content. Though, I do believe it’s helpful in deciding what mate you’re looking for.

I once saw a guys feed and was completely turned off. So, depending on who you’re deciding to attract, be sure to clean your social media of things that may hinder a future partnership and connection. Your post tells a story. Who do you want crushing on you? After looking at your post, would your desired Crush be interested in a guy/girl like you? 

Represent who you desire to attract. If you need to up level yourself then go ahead and do that now. 

This song inspired this post....

With Love,

Elsie B.


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