I know that not knowing your life’s purpose can be hurtful or produce moments of sadness, and unpleasant insecurities as you move through life. I struggled for many many years with what my purpose was on this earth, and what I should be doing. I’ve started and closed many businesses and have gone years with not knowing what to do next.

I want to share what has hindered me from moving forward. Perhaps, you will find the same secrets to be true for you. I hope you enjoy this post. It was definitely a moment of vulnerability for me to share.

It has been such a long journey and it’s not over yet. I remember having a business and I started to think of closing it down. The back and forth in my heart, my mind, and my spirit caused so much disruption that I began to think “I’m never going to find my purpose.”

I longed for what to do next. I longed for wisdom and direction. But, most of all I struggled with my own thoughts and fears. My thoughts and fears hindered my movement. They hindered my growth and direction.

 “Opportunities arrive when fear has left the building structure of your heart” -Elsie Blass

I came to realize that my fears and thoughts were also hindering my finances. My money was tired up in my fears of the future. I was basing some of my future on my past experiences. My past was based off of someone who needed to grow up. I decided to grow up.

I decided to base my future on who I was in that present moment. I found my deepest rooted fears and released them. I couldn’t afford to be hindered anymore. It was costing me all that I had and my fears were requiring more.

There were a lot of layers to this business and financial journey. I have used these thought replacing sentences below to assist you in your life’s work and the journey you are embarking on.

Change Your Mind and You Will Change Your Life.

 1. I find my life’s work by looking within rather than without.

   2. I have a wealth of valuable skills and talents.

   3. The universe is safe, comfortable and friendly.

   4. All my experiences are opportunities to gain more power, clarity and vision.

   5. I send love to my fears. My fears are the places within me that await my love.

   6. Money flows in my life. I am prosperous.

   7. I always choose the path with the most light.

   8. I honor my integrity in all that I do.

   9. My energy is focused and directed towards my goals.

   10. I radiate self-esteem, inner peace, love, well-being, and happiness.

Do you have any questions about your journey or life’s work? Do you wonder which direction to move toward?

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With Gratitude,

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