I almost quit my career because of FEAR.

I’m used to doing things afraid. I just keep going. Somehow this ONE thing paralyzed my movement for 10 months. 

The main story

Last summer I was faced with a situation that literally freaked me out and paralyzed my Smart Love Moves podcast and TV show.

Someone purchased my information online, rented a car, and parked in my neighborhood to watch my movement. Talk about dumb moves that made me angry, hurt, scared and broken in spirit. Some don’t mean you harm and are just curious. This is still WRONG!

I know that Smart Love Moves Media is going to be bigger than it is right now. I know that I can’t and won’t stay small. And I also know that I am willing to risk EVERYTHING so that I can help others not only survive their experiences, but thrive in every area of their life. 

What does this mean? I’m doing this for my people! I’m needed out there.

I have to do what I’m meant to do.
I’m designed to serve your emotional freedom. To get your emotions in order, to get your mind in order, for your off-spring, family, friends and all you interact with. 

How could I just stop out of fear? Well, fear has a way of asking questions. Fear asked me the following questions.
  • Should you quit and give up?
  • Do you really want this?
  • Are you built for this life?
  • I show up when I need you to stop, push through or pause. Which is it for you? 
  • What kind of relationship do you want to have with me?
  • What now?
  • What would your future self say about me showing up?
So now what? After speaking to my mentor, Shaun Derik, I was faced with more truth. Truth I knew deep down inside. I'm doing this! It was no longer about what took place or who can make me feel unsafe. It is about passion + my calling. I have the ability to create change, and that’s what I intend to do.

What do you fear? What has been hindering you from moving forward? What roadblocks keep you paralyzed? Are you willing to release yourself from 10 months, 10 years or 10 weeks of being in a paralyzed state? 

If you’re ready for a 1-Day Intensive to conquer that huge roadblock, then let’s do it. If I can do it, so can you! No more suffering in silence or sulking to your best friend - like I once did. 

Complimentary Discover Session

Reply today and schedule a free session. Let’s discuss where you are verses where you’d like to be. My ultimate goal is to help your future self arrive with ease. Contact me today to schedule your session.