Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends, Here’s Why...

As Christmas approaches and as my clients prep for 2017, I followed up my busy morning with an interesting video. “Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends, Here’s Why...” It was an eye catching moment for me. I literally have four friends, and I don’t talk to all of them everyday, just every week. 

I agree with Thoughty2, we can be a little eclectic. I can be a little Einstein weird; and my daughter recently mentioned that I look like him when I don’t do my hair. Yikes! Taking on the look of one of my idols is not what I had in mind. Its like the dog and his master resembling each other after spending years together. I decided to hop in the shower and wash my locks to transform into a not so messy version of myself. Oh, and I took my glasses off and added some liquid eyeliner. 

I always seem like an extravert to those from the outside looking in. Most people are fooled by my alertness and high-vibes of enthusiasm. That my friend is, “My Other Self. I have a secluded version that can meditate for hours, work and blog for days, has a date with herself alone at the movies, and takes herself out for breakfast. Hell, she even buys herself flowers and talks about herself in 3rd person. That’s me!

I’ve also come to accept that living in a small town, as I do, is refreshing and the people are kinder. It makes life smoother for me. Watch the video below and connect with what your truth may be. 

I also, found “22 Surprising Facts About: Albert Einstein.” I don’t agree with his relationship methods. Let me make that clear. This goes to show that we should be evolved in different areas of our life. That’s something I wish this game changing idol could have also shared with us. He then leaves us with truth of kindness toward others makes you loving and wise, as does the knowledge of Physics. 

I hope your holiday shopping and gift giving satisfies your soul, and that you find time to seclude yourself to process and prepare for your 2017 sparkle. Go Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

With Love,