It’s Okay To Say, "NO!”

I’ve said no so many times this year it’s freakin ridiculous. I mean, even YES to someone is a NO to what it was I wanted to do - even if that meant that I was going to stay home and do absolutly nothing. That's what I wanted to do in the first place. So why say Yes to them and say No to me? That doesn’t make sense. 

This is not about NOT helping people. This is about saying no when you really want to say no and saying yes when you really want to say yes. The feeling of telling someone yes when you really wanted to say no, and saying yes when you meant no, and calling them the day of to say, “No” is a big fat No!No! So let's let our yes be yes and our no be no. Nothing more or nothing less. 

Here is my mentor and coach Shaun Derik who will share his experience with you. 

Smart Love Move: Say no. That’s not a bad or rude thing. It’s a SMART thing. 

Your Life + Love Coach,

Elsie B.