Meditation: When Your Mind Won’t Shut Up

Meditation is a topic I will always discuss. It is a huge part of self-love. The sooner we realize this the sooner we will begin to feel satisfied. Yesterday I send an e-mail to those of you on my list. I touched a little on meditation and one of you responded with dilemma. 

There are 5 different types of meditation and the one below is called Mindful Meditation. 

Mindful Meditation: Being present with each and every thought that currently enters your mind, practicing detachment as these thoughts come to you. 

We’ll call her Jane!

Jane replies, "I am in such desperate neeeeeeeeeeD for this!! Can you believe that you pop into my head every so often when I find myself in silence in the car lol. It's usually when my mind is going a gazillion miles a minute and I catch myself wanting to shut it up, but fail lmao.  

Remember I told you my THIRST for wanting to know: what to ask, want, and have tunnel vision for?  An offer came up that I was hoping for; however, since I wasn't specific (fml) it's in another city (whaaaaaaaaaaa) 
I've been having these overwhelming thoughts that I need to take you up on your offer before I make the decision to up and leave for 4 months. I'm currently traveling to and from Miami, weekly. And just got offered a promotion with a lot more money but I’d have to stay from January- through the second week of April.
What a head scratcher, right?....”
Here is some of my response to ‘Jane.' 
"So happy you replied! Actually, you're not failing when your mind won't shut up. The mind is like a computer and it has a process. We manually drag things to the deleted file and clear out space to make room for more. Whatever doesn't serve us anymore we drag and drop into the delete folder or right click to classify an action (move to trash). 
Your Mind's Process: Our brain needs meditation to process information, drag and drop or a little right click in order to make room for clarity. Clarity to make the next smart love move for our-self or our family. Your mind needs to clear space. It won't shut up because it's not suppose to. It needs to share, explain and process information. When your thoughts start jumping to things that are silly or don't have much use, breathe and bring yourself back to your center. Let the chatter begin again...let it go to mindless chatter and center yourself again. Sit there until your mind is done. This can take 5 minutes to 2 hours. Tell your mind "Say What You Need To Say...Say What You Need To Saaaayyy..." lol Like the song... Click Here to listen! :)
Have a notebook handy to write the information that comes up - if you find it useful. They'll be meditation for a quiet mind another time. Don't resist what your mind tries to tell you. Your mind is saying, "Hey I need to be heard!" Other times are mind will say, "I need peace and quiet." Sometimes your body may ask for movement meditation (yoga, dance, martial arts, a morning or afternoon stretch by your desk or computer, or while cooking.) 
Your body is speaking to you my love. Are you listening? We weren't taught this. We're learning everyday. Baby steps wins the race.”
I wanted to share this with you because we have or will go through a time of learning this one tool. Allow your body, mind, spirit and soul to tell you what it needs - then give that which it has asked. 
Thank you for your e-mails! I love hearing from you! Continue to send in your questions. 
With Love,