Podcast: Parents Who Desire Independence Day

This is a peak into The Love Coach Diaries...A four part series.

Parents desire freedom from responsibility. Sometimes a parent secretly wishes they could fly away to an island where the sun smiles - while being shaded by palm trees. The whining and crying and bickering with their siblings is more of a milestone not a segment for pressure. But, we take it as such. We’re tired, we need rest, and then we wake up and realize that we have to do it all over again. 

The Love Coach Diaries: Part 1

The Love Coach Diaries

In this podcast the realist version of our parental thoughts take precedence over the soul’s journey. Here we identify the soul’s need for independence and there is nothing wrong with that. 

You’re not a bad mother or farther just because you need a break and maybe, just maybe, you wish you didn’t have kids. It’s okay to feel like they hold you bad. These are normal feelings and should be explored NOT judged. Be kind to yourself and others. 

Take a listen!

*I recorded this at 4:30am and you can totally tell. Sorry that I didn’t warm up first. Next time I will. Sending you love!

With Love,