Pondering Smart Love Moves

@smartlovemoves elsie blass

When I think 💭 through my next moves, I often ponder 🤔 quickly or it takes a while. Sometimes if I take too long to make a decision because my next moves doesn't come soon enough, I mentally walk away from the situation. I do the complete opposite of thinking about the situation and I go have fun. It relieves the burden for concern and in that space I find that the next step appears with clarity.

Sometimes moving on with your life on a day to day basis leaves room for things to fall into place and for it to work itself out. Either way, hold on to the truth. The truth is, things will fall into place somehow. Beating ourselves up and stressing out is a clear sign to let go and go have fun. Be free.

The right move is there and sometimes it may need a few more things to happen for clarity to set in. 

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