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Desire Challenge — Hello Loves! 
Last week I scheduled a check-in with myself. I decided to write down a list of desires. From vacations to inner soul work and growth. These are two different list. One list is for fun (outside of my body) experiences, including where I see my business going in the next two years. The second list is for inner soul work, adjusting mindsets and spiritual work that continually aligns me with my purpose. 
I then take one thing from each list and schedule activities that align with my desires. I complete the work and dedication and cross them off my list. You can even laminate the list and use a marker to cross them off. Either way, you’ll see the movement of your desires in physical form.
Do you have one list that you refer back to or do you lose your paper and feel weak at heart - wondering where your desires have gone? In order to keep track we must visit the same journal or (goal setting) notebook to follow up on our desires.
I encourage you to get clear, consistent, schedule 5 minute motivation sessions to kick you into gear before diving in to plan, coordinate, or review your desires with clarity and ease. 
I believe in you! Start today and get clear. Start with one thing and give it your time and energy. See what may come of it. 
If you long to mange yourSELF and fulfill your desires of being better, doing better and or having more for yourself, then get started today. I know it's Saturday evening, and if you can take 15min to take the first step and write down your list, than you have gone above and beyond in Day 1 of my 3 Day challenge. 
P.S. Review your desires everyday this week! And now that I'm not really on social media as much, I'd like you to share this email with your friends and fam! They haven't missed Day 1 of my challenge yet. If they'd like to receive the rest of the Desires Challenge then visit elsieblass.com and signup for upcoming emails. I'll be back for Day 2 tomorrow. 
Sending you light and love!
Your Life + Love Coach,
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