Thinking & Coffee Go Hand In Hand

I did a lot of thinking today. Thinking felt so good. Well, this morning, thinking felt amazing. I mean, who knew that sitting and thinking about the love of my life, my family and my love for humanity would be the game changer in what I desire. As it should and would, of course. With my big yellow mug in hand, I sat and thought everything threw. I started to get clear as to why I rebranded my company and what would this new change look like, feel like, and I asked myself, ‘Will it serve me and those I serve well?’ The answer was ‘yes’ of course. 

Someone woke me up this year. Woke up my mind with love I’ve never known before. I wish I was able to tell them how grateful I am, and why I haven’t been able to express my gratitude. They are on a self-love journey at the moment and the timing would be off. 

With this awakening, I fell right into position. What’s funny is that I am right where I started 3 years ago; blogging 3 to 4 days a week and managing clients I love. I’ve been 2 things this whole time. I’ve been a life + love coach and a blogger. I periodically try different things, and in the end, I’m still a Life + Love coach and a Blogger. And I absolutely love it!

I enjoy sharing and writing. It’s my sweet place when I can sit and talk to you and you may or may not always respond by sending me an email through my contact page. With all this rebranding I’ve missed posting. I also took some time to reposition myself as a mom and dedicate specific time to teaching my children about self-love and maintaining their skin, teeth and bones. I like to randomly pick topics to remind them of maintaining The SELF. We’ve visited the topics of spirituality/beliefs and meditation, but I think it may need to be refreshed.

So with the holidays, my children and my rebranding, plus a healing of loss that came my way - it was a bit interesting to say the least. Ha! You don’t realize how much you can handle until it all comes at once. In between all the NEW love I was sharing, I managed to gain weight and lose track of my abs. 

I really did want a tighter frame by now, But, I’ll take what I have and love it anyway. A journey is suited when the hunter for desire falls in love with him/herself. Totally and completely. One should give of him/herself when he/she is ready. This could mean in business, love, career, family, travel and finance.

Getting my body ready to be given either to my work, my love, my family, or be it my friends, I desire to achieve a fitness goal that will serve myself and my community (for encouragement) well. When we feel good about ourselves we feel confident in our service to others. I always keep self-esteem a priority or the outcome is disappointing. 

I desire to serve you all well. A man once told me, “Do it right, because its right, and then do it right.” That stuck with me ever since. What is a life quote that you’ve encountered? I’d love to hear all about it. Click the Facebook Button below to share!

With all this clarity I’ve found my day rather refreshing. I drove around town with the top down and made over 12 homemade protein bars. I’ll share the receipe this week. Oh and pictures. 

Sending you lots of light and love!

Your Life + Love Coach,