Updates + Check-ins

Hi Y’all! I wanted to check in with all of you. I hope you are all staying positive even when the Bull Sh*z enters your zone. Keep up the good work that you’re doing.

Remember to take breaks from self-love and self-care. It’s gets tiresome to stay away from complaining or moping around the house. Let’s just admit it! 

I am currently working on writing my episodes and preparing for recording and editing my video episodes. I’m writing 2 episodes a day for 4 days. Yikes! That’s a total of 8 episodes. Staying off of social media has been so liberating. I’m getting so much done and pushing through the road blocks. 

I’ve been receiving a lot of Tough Love. #BrooklynStyle Shaun Derik has really been a great support system for me and is not leaving any opportunity for me to give excuses. Sometimes our excuses are good enough. Honesty, if I’m not physically ill or my family isn’t physically ill - I have no valid excuse. Have I been tired? Yes! I have taken naps and will wake up to complete different portions of this project. I can’t wait to get back in my little studio and start recording podcast again. I miss it so much! 

I’m going higher and I’m taking you with me. If you are ready to succeed and are willing to push through and allow me to stretch you and see how far you can bend, then sign-up for my newsletter below. Let’s stay in contact because Smart Love Moves is about to go bananas in 2017. 

I am also working on the Face The Hate Campaign. So check back for details. Feb. 13... I will post again this week to give details. 

Sending you love!

Your Love Coach,