We Say GoodBye To Our Lovers.....

Lovers are like angels that are sent from heaven to wake us up to an experience worth every second. Their face will always be remembered in the blink and closure of both eyes, and yet forgotten with one blink with both eyes open once again. Unless you daydream with your eyes open, in which case, you can see them and visualize them happy while walking out in the sun. 

Lovers can be very short term or long in years. It varies on the life cycle of the bond. Once the relationship has served its purpose, the lovers walk separately to meet their future with their heartache. The heartache subsides leaving only memories. Memories fade unless you hold them tightly, it which case, you run the risk of holding on to ‘what was' and not allowing 'what is' to satisfy you. 

Lovers come quick and out of no where and then leave you wandering with uncertainty. We send them good wishes and remember why they weren’t the best fit. Or we wonder what could have been had they considered us the best fit. But they didn’t. And we didn’t. So it isn’t and what could have been - is not. 

We then close out those stories and those chapter with ease... Knowing that all of it was for your highest good and where you are going needed this experience to ensure wholeness - for your future dealings. 

Its time to let past lovers go. Your future awaits you now!

Sending Light + Love to ALL of our Lovers, Goodbye to you! We wish you well!

Elsie Blass