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What You Should Know About Life + Love Coaching

LIFE + LOVE COACHING is a Coach you hire to help assist you with your personal development, in the area of achieving specific goals in self-love, dating, everyday relationships, healing, limiting beliefs, spirituality, in romance, intimacy, sexuality, meditation and the relationship you have with your business & money. We have a relationship with every thing that is in our life. (People, places, money, cars and our home). Everything energy related!

“What you may not know is that there is a direct correlation to success in business and success in love; and the healthiest relationships at home are the most productive at work. Love Coaches are qualified to assist you to reach your love goals, intimate relationship goals, your relationship with your business/money and productivity goals. There are strong parallels between Life Coaching and Love Coaching, both offer powerful coaching strategies, but the expertise of a Love Coach can help you to find love, become a better lover and enrich your love life by expanding your romantic and sexual horizons.” -LAAL

Something Extra YOU Should Know

I, as a Holistic Life + Love Coach work with individuals who wish to achieve more balance, harmony and self-love throughout their life. By exploring, and accepting each individual’s unique challenges, I’m able to guide, motivate and inspire positive life changes by creating customized exercises and activities that are guaranteed to promote change. The client is then able to re-frame how they view relationships, attract more love into their life and gain a deeper exploration and understanding of the inner interference’s that create emotional mishaps and crippling blocks.


I has been consulting in the field of relationships for over 10 years (2004). In 2009, I took a sabbatical, gave birth to my second child (son), and designed and sold handmade lingerie online and in stores. I just couldn’t keep from consulting and teaching to those that needed my expertise. I started to feel it was time to jump back into a fulfilling calling, but this time as a Holistic Life + Love Coach. 

I have a B.A. in Fashion Design + Merchandising, studied Psychology at Capella University, became certified in LOVE at Loveology University, and am now a Holistic Life + Love Coach. 

I not only designed lingerie, I also designed a Self-Love Program and Love Maintenance Program to help myself truly fall in love with myself and find balance in a loving relationship. I now shares my tools and tips with my clients.

As an expert in relationships, I’ve been a guest speaker at the Rollin’s College Late Night Radio Show. I was asked to speak at the women’s seminar for CRU, in Orlando, Fl. Where I gave a three day seminar on self love, relationship balance, maintaining love, and having a happy marriage.

I hosted my first online radio and TV Show giving free advice on image, fashion and relationships from 2005 – 2008. I am very passionate about Life + Love and how individuals can embrace love’s true form. I have written a book on Self-Love and have written many articles on life related topics since 2012. You can read my personal story here.


If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the following, you can benefit from a Life + love coach:


Grieving a Loss


Dating, Romance 




Sexual Fulfillment

Balancing Life, Love & Business


Running a Successful Business

View Coaching Packages For Your Transformation


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