Founder’s Story

Here is where my self-love journey began.

My journey started long after I was a relationship consultant. Seven years ago, I was considered HITCH, the love doctor. What was interesting was that my 7 year marriage was starting to take a turn. I like to call my marriage a ‘Purposeful Relationship.’

Once it served its purpose it began the completion process.

I no longer felt right about helping others with their love life, and decided to heal my own situation. I completed all my open files with current clients and began working from home and creating hand crafted eco-friendly lingerie. I still needed an income while exploring what the heck was going on in my life.

I wondered if I even wanted to continue investing into the marriage. I began to take all the tools and skills I’d learned from my psychology classes and began to apply them to my life. I came to the place where I knew I needed to love myself more. I needed to love every part of me. I needed to heal my heart from my childhood. I knew certain parts of my childhood were hindering me. One thing in particular was still living in a secret place; and it was causing me to attract friends and a partner who were unsafe people for me to love at the time.

I felt lonely. I didn’t want to be alone and continued feeling unloved and unappreciated.

My eyes opened to the fact that I didn’t love living in my own skin. I didn’t love all of who I was on the inside, and honestly, going to church every Sunday just wasn’t helping. I left the church and ask God to join me on this journey of life + love. I needed to learn everything from the source, not from a man standing at a pulpit who’s spiritual vibration wasn’t the least close to mine. I always felt more Holy than my own pastor. Needless to say, the church never grew and eventually closed down.

I started to use my tithes and offerings to invest into my own self-love. I purchased books, paid a counselor who was studying to become a life coach, and purchased items that invested in my wellbeing. Hey, I was still giving! I was giving to myself. And I felt like God honored that.

I always seek to live out my own truth. My foundation hasn’t changed, but the way I work has. Getting married because I didn’t want to live in sin caused me to rush into a marriage at 20 years of age. I didn’t know crap at 20, yet marriage seemed like the right thing to do. Oh, the things I would tell my 20 year old self today. What would you tell your 20 year old self? We live and we learn and we shouldn’t feel bad about it. 


Self-Love Expert + Mind Healer

I was confused, hurting, scared and I was very sad. If that wasn’t enough, I began to suffer from anxiety. Sometimes depression crept in and caused me to either cope through shopping, eating meals that made me feel worse, or would cause me to lose my appetite, and left me weighing 115 pounds. My ribs were showing and my once curvy figure was mysteriously missing from my life equation.

A woman told me in a sit down, “You do understand that you will continue to attract the same type of person if you leave your marriage, right? You will still take YOU with you wherever you go.” I realized in that moment that if I attracted my ex-husband again just in another body – I would scream, cry and probably throw an adult tantrum. I also realized my 19 year old self chose him and who I was and who I wanted to be wouldn’t chose him. He needed to change with me or I was going to leave.

I knew ‘life changes’ took time; so I decided to take a self-love journey. I asked myself questions and became my own life + love coach. I was leaving behind ‘being a psychologist’ and I began coaching myself. In that moment, I knew I was never going to be the same and that was a GOOD thing. My old self just didn’t serve me any longer and my relationship didn’t serve me any longer either. I gave my, now ex-husband, notice and said, “I’m giving us 3 years to change and grow. If you don’t change by that time – I’m leaving.” He called my bluff and when my son turned 3, I began filling out divorce papers. I didn’t want to take ME to the next relationship with a low vibration. I wanted to offer my best self and I wanted the other person to offer me no less than what I grew to understand was deserving.

My sadness turned to joy.

My depression turned to peace.

My anxiety turned to stillness.

My pain turned to healing.

My fears turned to acceptance and power.

I learned how to heal my mind and my body. Now I share my #SmartLoveMoves with the world.

My eco-friendly lingerie business was losing momentum and it felt like a drag to continue.

I felt confident with my journey and I became a certified holistic life coach, a certified love coach and a meditation instructor. Let’s just say, I wanted to feel well rounded and I wanted to offer you my best self when returning.

Now, I’m a life + love coach by day, awesome mommy and a passionate lover by night. My goal and passion is for you to live life filled with happiness. Designing tools and tips for you to maintain life + love is my specialty. As a former lingerie designer, I’ve come accustom to loving everything intimately related; a love for self and a genuine love for others, which brings in more joy and harmony.

I am an overcomer because I took a self-love journey that has changed my life and has raised my vibration. During this journey I created 3 programs. Each program has my self-love package included so you’ll never miss out on true wholeness.

Your Life + Love Coach,