Love Goddess Oracles

Have you ever wanted the support of a life + love coach, a love goddess that will read your cards and give you insight to your most pressing questions?

This subscription is for the woman who loves spiritual meditations, healing meditations, counsel on your current situation, cares about self-love and freedom and happiness. You are divinely inspired to be a part of a small community of women who desire to breakthrough and shift upward. 

We come from all different beliefs and backgrounds and our focus and common foundation is Love + Kindness. We connect to God and the universe, source, the Divine. 

I am hear to lead you on your spiritual journey in your earth suit, and to help you make it a pleasant experience through spiritual principles.

Membership: Our life focus is making Smart Love Moves. Come join us and be a part of the Smart Love Moves community for women.


Here is what is included in your monthly subscription: $24.99/month

Discussions on conflicts between spiritual aspiration and our compulsion to improve. Elsie cheerleads seekers to fully own their wisdom by having a good laugh (and maybe a good cry) at all the ways we’ve been trying to improve on our self-improvement.

Our favorite topics are self-love, spirituality, lovers, partners, dating, relationship enhancement stuff, money, making more money, running a business, raising a family and making our dreams come true.

  • 20% off all Smart Love Move ~ Retreats
  • Weekly group coaching sessions (phone)
  • One personal card reading per week (in group session)
  • Access to the Love Goddess Oracles (private group)
  • Special scared meditation videos in Facebook group 
  • Ask + Answer Oracle time to help you make Smart Love Moves
  • Love letters and poems sent monthly
  • Magical card readings
  • Law of attraction
  • Heal your money story and start a new relationship with money
  • Self-love and our love life need additional support

If you miss a session the audio will be sent through email. Cancel anytime. Tell ALL your friends! Let the Goddess Sessions begin! Sign-up today and receive 7 days FREE! Access to our Facebook group will not be accessible to non-members.