Self Loveology Program

Become Your Own Superhero

Bust through your blocks. Catalyze your personal growth.

Feeling ‘stuck’ is a choice. Getting ‘unstuck’ is also a choice.

 Dreams feel out of reach. And goals can often feel unattainable. 

You feel as though you’re blocked from moving forward, or even perhaps like a hamster stuck on a wheel… doing the same, monotonous things day in and day out.

You’re feeling disinterested, unmotivated, and STUCK. That feeling of wholeness can never be replaced by anyone in particular. Wholeness and peace in all your body is just 6 weapons (tools) away from the feeling of FREEDOM. 

I’m here to help you get unstuck. But let me warn you… this program is not for everyone. This is an intense 6 WEEK program that will catalyze your growth. I will be tossing you straight into the lion’s den to shake you out of your current state of stuckness, and into a state of serious momentum and oneness with yourSELF.

No more excuses. No more wasting valuable time. You have time to feel whole and no more time to feel lack within your being. 

The time to learn how to manage ALL of YOU is NOW! Its time to feel POWERFUL, STRONG, MOTIVATED AND WHOLE. Working with me will help you become the Superhero you’ve been longing to BE. 


All of your parts collectively work together to keep you feeling whole. Remove pain from any situation. I’ve found the Pain Reliever for the HEART +  SOUL. Let me share if with you!

CATALYST: A 6 week One-On-One Coaching program to Help You Bust Through Your Blocks and Catalyze Your Personal Growth

This program is designed to help you…

  • Shift from ‘stuck’ to ‘unstuck’
  • Identify and bust through the blocks standing between you and your dreams
  • Design a vision and gain clarity on the goals you need to achieve to begin moving towards that vision
  • Create an actionable plan to put your dreams into motion
  • Learn the 5 parts of you that need your attention, and learn how to check in with those parts to feel successful in keeping your sense of freedom. 
  • Master peace during what seems to be ‘bad days’ and during triggered moments 
  • Manage your energy to serve you and those around you
  • Become fluid in wholeness + life balance for your entire existence
  • Become a better mother, sister, daughter, friend and lover. 
  • Learn how to stimulate the part of you that make you who you are and how to feed them the right tools to promote spiritual growth and enlightenment. 
  • Gear yourself up with protective layers of LOVE that structure you in your love life and business opportunities. 
  • Let’s find your super power and help you share your message with your family, friends and the world.

What’s included…

  • Weekly 30-minute one-on-one breakthrough sessions
  • Email access to me between sessions for extra support, motivation, and guidance
  • Worksheet to help you identify your values and gain a deeper insight on the quality of your life
  • 4 weeks of post intensive e-mail support (totaling 8 weeks of coaching support)
  • MP4 coaching sessions for additional learning and teaching
  • Work packets with coaching exercises

Your Investment:

$700 USD

Payment plan is available. Click Here to make arrangements.