Smart Love Moves Coaching ~ 6 months

An interactive 1:1 coaching experience for women AND men who are seeking to reboot their motivation and reclaim their happiness.

Happiness may feel out of reach. Your fears hold you back, and your limiting beliefs prevent you from taking action. 

Enough is enough. 

You’re ready to…

  • Experience a healthier, more loving relationship with yourself.
  • Attract more love into your life.
  • Radically boost your happiness.
  • Increase your motivation so you can FINALLY go after your dreams.
  • Finally feel like you have it all together.

I’ll help you…

  • Shed your fears through practical, mindset tools.
  • Boost your self-love with a personalized, fun and manageable self-care routine.
  • Create goals with soul that will ignite your motivation.
  • Manifest your biggest dreams by utilizing the law of attraction in a simple, easy-to-follow formula.

6 Month Signature Program For Making Smart Love Moves

~16 one hour sessions + four 30 minute sessions + 30 days of email support.~

The Smart Love Moves program will be hosted live in a 1:1 coaching session online, so you can attend from the comforts of your own home, a hotel room or from anywhere in the world. In this program, I’ll guide you through a thorough, 30-day life detox that will leave you feeling refreshed, motivated, and completely rebooted. You will learn soulful goal-setting techniques, create powerful personalized affirmations, and design a healthy self-care routine to help you cultivate a stronger sense of self-love. As a bonus treat, I’ll also be showing you how to manifest your desires into reality through the law of attraction.

The Smart Love Move program offers you the flexibility to participate and have a wonderful time of one-on-one coaching, no matter where you are located. As long as you have access to the internet, you’re in! You will not be alone in this… This program offers you a safe, private and sacred space where you will work with me to support you with strong arms and solid coaching gear to secure your growth.

Through this program, you will gain practical life tools and learn exactly how to use them. At the end of this 3 to 6 month experience, you will have all the tools you need to get through anything that life throws your way. No more feeling like an imposter. You will look AND feel like a person who has it all together. After The Smart Love Move program, you will be excited to get out of bed every single morning!


The Smart Love Move package will help you experience radical happiness in a short amount of time. You’ll also receive my downloadable e-book Past clients/participants have created massive positive life and mindset shifts after just 30-days! Take a peek at the testimonials on my Facebook Page to hear their stories.


Detox & Love-Habits:
Learn practical tools to help you shed your past fears and limiting beliefs, and make room for happiness in your life. You’ll also design a personalized self-care routine that’s easy to maintain, and fun to follow. Through this work, you will create a stronger, healthier, more loving relationship with yourself.

Goals With Soul:

No more empty goals. We will be building attainable, soulful goals that will ultimately lead to massive achievements. Goals with soul are goals that are rooted within your purpose and passion — simply put, they’re goals that will connect you to happiness. You’ll gain clarity on what you want, and gain crystal clear focus on what you need to do to get there.

Bust through the blocks that are preventing you from connecting to the true power of self-love. You’ll learn to stop settling, and experience empowerment while attracting more love into your life. You will also design a powerful, personalized set of Loveffirmations (loving affirmations) that will help you cultivate a more positive outlook on life.

Shift Your Energy:
An introduction to the magical Law of Attraction, how it works, and how you can easily implement it into your life. By shifting your thoughts, you can alter your physical reality. We will also reflect on our month together, assessing your new tools to ensure you are ready to face the world feeling happy and motivated!

Additional Support:

Receive additional support through two 30 minute one-on-one sessions for 30 days. You may or may not need it. However, it is included and you can definitely take advantage of the extra coaching love.

Additional Support:
Receive additional support through e-mail for 30 days. You may or may not need it. However, it is included and you can definitely take advantage of the extra coaching love.

Your investment:

$9,000 Payment plans are available. A down payment of $1,500 must be paid prior to beginning the program. Click on the messenger button below to sign-up with the payment plan option.
*The option to extend your coaching experience is available.