Smart Love Moves ~ Retreat

Clients love the feeling of freedom and clarity. I make that come to life for all my clients. It’s important for us women to feel free and have clarity of mind. You long for freedom and clarity, and those two parts are so important to apply to every area of your life. How can you make that freedom manifest? How can you bring yourself toward clarity of mind? What have you tried thus far? What is stopping you from having ALL that YOU want + desire? 

I don’t know about you, but I have to feel ‘freedom.' I have to literally feel FREEDOM in every area. I have to feel clear and practice clarity in order for me to move freely in this world. Since FREEDOM is my life word, I have to ensure that each of my clients feels the very thing I’m called to show them how to have. The thing that I’ve mastered. 


Don’t you want to feel free? Do you want to feel clear in your thinking? Do you desire to feel healed and whole and secure? Your self-esteem depends on it! Come away with me and let’s make this happen for you!

I want you to feel what I feel, and I’m going to teach you how in June. I’m so excited! This is true independence. Free from limiting beliefs. Oh What A Feeling! Let’s do it!


Main Focus: Self-Love and your relationship with people (partner, friends, colleagues), places + things.

Wisdom Style: Enlightenment 


  • Spiritual Growth 
  • Mental + Emotional Enhancement
  • Body Alignment (mind, body, spirit, universe) 
  • Learn the tools to engage with others in a way that serves you + them
  • Knowledge of the Power of Mental + Emotional Healing
  • The feelings of being relaxed, Clear and Strong
  • Implementing SOUL Goals to walk out LIFE Purpose
  • Attracting the person you’re meant to be with or receive coaching on upleveling your current relationship. 

You will be taught how to do all of these things. How to maintain ALL of your living parts. You WILL LEARN how to manage yourself on a daily basis. You WILL become the GREAT Manager of the SELF. In turn, you’ll attract all that is meant for you. 

Extra Smart Love Bonuses:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation sessions
  • One-on-One coaching
  • Group Love Lessons 
  • Bon Fire
  • Wine, Dine + Girl Time
  • Nature walks + Desire sessions
  • Receive the Blueprint to your relationships
  • Create affirmations + mantras + magnitize

Criteria For Client Coach Relationship:

  1. Well poised and positive attitude, highly coachable.
  2. Will work extraordinarily well individually and within the group.
  3. 100% available to be held accountable to agreed upon goals including participating in retreat theraputic exercises
  4. Is willing not stay in “story,” “overwhelm” or “personal issues” to the extent that any are a distraction to achieving high level results.
  5. Is highly participatory without being needy or attention grabby.
  6. Is an absolute joy to work with on a personal and business level.
  7. Is highly driven to create epic results in self-love + their relationships this year.
  8. Is committed to becoming the best version of herself.

Meals + snacks are included. Coaching work packets will also be provided. 

Location: The Florida Keys

 Date: June 23, 2017 - June 25, 2017 
Investment: A one time payment of  $2500 or 3 payments of $887

Within 24 hours of application submission, Elsie will schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Session where you’ll both get to know each other in a 1:1 setting to prepare you for the Smart Love Moves ~ Retreat. FaceTime, Google Hangouts + Facebook Video messaging are available for your discovery session. 

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