Smart Love Moves

Meditation Self-Study Course

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Meditation is for...

  1. Overcoming obstacles 
  2. Increase positive emotions
  3. Appreciation of life
  4. Increase gratitude and law of attraction
  5. Increase connection with God
  6. More love
  7. Success
  8. Well-being
  9. Higher consciousness + expansion 
  10. Mental + emotional health
  11. Receive wisdom 

Meditation Session: 5-45 minutes

Remember to stretch before your meditation session. (If possible)

  • Self-love connection using hand picked mantras 
  • Law of attraction 
  • Healing Session
  • Revitalize + Energize
  • Connect with God for higher consciousness + bonding
  • The Higher Self Connection
  • Wisdom + Direction
  • Mental Strength - for body transformations (build a relationship with fitness)

Downloadable Material

  1. How To Meditate For Beginners PDF
  2. How To Meditate Worksheet
  3. How To Be More Intuitive
  4. Creating Affirmations + Mantras
  5. Contact me to receive your 30 minute complimentary session

Once you’ve purchase the meditation class experience, e-mail me to schedule a complimentary session have a time of Q and A’s that you may have about the course or different meditation styles.