Elsie Blass

Soul Revolution + Pathways

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The Soul’s Pathway takes many turns and flows through holistic movements. In our Soul’s journey is known to be fluid when the mind is at ease. Be relaxed in your thinking allowing all flows of movement to settle and rise to move again. 
When standing live in front of this canvas you can meditate on your next Smart Love Move. A special meditation and lots of positive energy and love went into this painting. I have no doubt that it will serve your journey well. 
  • Size 26x36
  • Depth of Wood: 19mm
  • Wood: US pine
  • Coating: 3 coats
  • Spline
  • Diameter of the spline: 4mm
  • primer+ acrylic gesso 

Painting is wrapped and shipped/delivered with care. Includes a little note and a tracking number will be sent to your e-mail.