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Self-love doesn’t mean you’ll be self-absorbed. It means you’ll think clearer when making life decisions. Without self-love we struggle with our relationship with ‘The SELF’, with friends, family, partnerships and business dealings. Self-love forces you to take a deeper look at what your body is saying about the people, places and things that surround you. 

Find Love

Dating can be exhausting. It can seem like visiting a store of so many choices yet neither of them will fit just right. Something goes wrong, weird, or feels not quite right. Ask us about our “Dating In the City” online class which walks you into the arms of the one you’ve been waiting for or receive a FULL refund. 1:1 coaching included. 

Maintain Love

“Love Maintenance” is designed to do the BBM! Help you to Build, Balance, and Maintain the relationship you have. Prior to designing the program, I realized that it not only took two people to maintain a loving relationship, it took empowering individuals with tools to implement strength, growth, balance, and understanding of one’s self.

Money Love

Whether you work for a profitable company or desire to run your own successful business, you’ll absolutely love “Money Love” 1:1 coaching with EB. Learn the skills, tools and strategies that position you to remove blocks that hinder the flow of money, receive a GPS guide to increasing wealth, and building confidance to roam freely in the earth – while staying financially full.  

Giving Really Smart Love Moves

Come learn a more mature and evolved way of loving and living. Smart love moves on self-love, all relationship dealings + partnerships, business, money flow and everything life + love related.

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Dating + Partnerships

Elsie shares true events that took place in a session. EB shares life + love concerns within relationships in our urban community. 

Featured Instructer

Change Your Mind. Heal Your Heart. Become Whole. EB gives expert advice, insight, and really Smart Moves. Provides: Practical Application To Emotional Intelligence. Works through intuitive coaching.
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Elsie Blass

Life Coach specializing in Love.
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