The Enlightened Mind: Easy steps + tools for managing the SELF.

Body Positivity

Holistic Lifestyle Change Starts with self-love. Your mind wellness, spirituality + beliefs, body Care + nutrition, soul truths + soul goals await you here. 


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Self-Love: An Abundant Relationship Awaits You. Create the foundation that’s worth building on.

Grow + Rest

Take a break from self-care. Allow rest and relaxation to serve you for your highest good.

The Fit Owl Studio

Online Dance & Fitness: A self-love approach to cardio and toning. It’s a NEW way to sculpt your body and connect to your higher self. Building your confidence through an online 1:1 fitness class. Have a dancer’s body and enjoy centering yourself through movement. Routines include select pieces of modern dance, belly dancing, exotic dance moves, yoga, ballet and meditation all in a 1-hour session. Click to learn more.

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Do You Have A Little Crush?

Do You Have A Little Crush?

Having a crush is unspeakably fun and can be erotically enticing. “I feel a little rush...I think I have a crush...” Sometimes the crush is really ...
#SmartLoveMoves on IG

#SmartLoveMoves on IG

Desire Challenge — Hello Loves!  Last week I scheduled a check-in with myself. I decided to write down a list of desires. From vacations to inne...
Pondering Smart Love Moves

Pondering Smart Love Moves

When I think 💭 through my next moves, I often ponder 🤔 quickly or it takes a while. Sometimes if I take too long to make a decision because my nex...

Smart Love Moves Getaway

Freedom is making Smart Love Moves.

Come away with me!

Join The Love!

Prepare to meet your SOULMATE!

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Love Relations + Motivations

I remember being a fly on the wall when I was a kid. My family would talk about ‘grown up’ stuff and I would stay quiet or seem interested in my toys. I became very interested in relationships and the interaction between friends, lovers, partners and such. I also spent years making the same mistakes they did. The dumb love moves can be exhausting and can waste so much time. I have a burning desire to teach smart love moves. Being in business for 14 years has allowed me to do just that.

Elsie B.